Solar Film, Screens, and Shades

At A-Plus Quality Window Tint, we offer a variety of options for keeping the harsh sunlight out of your residential or commercial property. With our solar film, screens, and shades, you can prevent fading to furniture, increase privacy, and keep your room comfortably lit without having the sun beating down.

Solar Window ShadesSolar Window Film

With solar window film, you can reap the benefits of the sunlight, while being protected by harmful UV rays, solar heat, and glare. Once the window film is installed, it works to diminish 99% of bright beams and help to keep the room comfortable without blocking the view from the window or darkening the room. Window film can protect your furnishings from fading and also provides you your skin with protection from sun damage.

Solar Screens

A solar screen is a mesh screen that is designed to control sunlight by blocking the sun’s rays and absorbing the sun’s heat. With solar screens, you can reduce the sun’s heat and glare that enters your home. These screens are installed on the exterior of your windows and can help reduce your cooling costs and glare while protecting your furnishings and other items from fading. Solar screens also provide more privacy during the daytime without sacrificing your ability to see out through the window.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are roller shades made from fabric that can reduce glare, heat from the sun, and provide privacy without blocking the view outside. Solar shades also allow natural light to filter into the room while protecting from UV rays. Solar shades work well in a room with televisions or computers because they can help reduce glare. Solar shades are available in three different degrees of openness to provide different levels of glare reduction, heat reflection, and daytime privacy.

High-Quality Window Films, Shades, and Screens in Pittsburgh

At A-Plus Quality Window Tint, we provide a wide range of options for commercial and residential properties to help make their space more functional and comfortable for daily use. Contact us today to learn more!

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